sen bicycle grips. walnut wood. oiled. polished. unique.

Wood stands for pure beauty, exquisit aesthetic, sensual haptics, and natural individuality. The natural grain of the local walnut wood makes every grip pair very special and unique.

sen > from the term sen|so|risch, relating to the senses: sen is smooth, warm, pleasantly tactile. The finest sanding and natural oils ensure a lasting smooth surface finish and tactile quality. This surface begs to be touched! Even in the coldest weather the grips instantly feel warm.

sen comfort – shockabsorbing

– with wrist protecting shock-absorption.  > shock-absorption    reviews

Total weight per grip pair: approx. 310g

Price: 199,- Euro incl. G.S.T   
sen comfort/shock absorbing    

sen pur – without shock-absorption

Pure tactile touch!

Total weight per grip pair: approx. 245g

Price: 149,- Euro incl. G.S.T   
sen pur   

grips + handlebar, pre-assembled

grip pair plus handlebar – pre-assembled cartridges

- sen comfort Price: 212,- Euro incl. G.S.T   

- sen pur Price: 162,- Euro incl. G.S.T  

> grips + handlebar


All grips are available for grip-shift systems.



sen comfort on tour: photographs






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